Introducing My New Site!

For the longest time, I've struggled with trying to find the perfect portfolio building platform out there. I've used almost all the top choices including Squarespace, 22Slides, Format, Cargo Collective and so on. But no matter what site I used or how many different themes and templates I tried on, nothing seemed to fit.

I then came across a fellow Biola alumnus' (is that the right word?) portfolio site, which he coded himself. I remember sitting in a classroom once hearing about how he was only teaching himself how to code. I've since kept up with his work and seeing his progress since that day has been nothing short of inspiring for me and my coding journey. It was when I was browsing his latest iteration of his site when it clicked: I should try to follow his lead to make and host my own portfolio, too.

So while I'm currently typing this blog post up in the Atom text editor, I have to admit... I didn't fully code this from scratch. Though, if you've been following me long enough, you'll know that I did begin that process. Considering that I'm still new to this, I figured I would get something up and running in order for me to have a base to continue my learning.

This site is currently hosted on GitHub Pages directly from my GitHub repository. GitHub allows me to see a log of my past edits and essentially acts a time machine for all of your content. My next step at this moment will be to learn Jekyll (all all that comes with that). With that under my belt, I'll be able translate the code for this site using Liquid in order for me to add a CMS to it using Siteleaf.

At this point, it seems like a daunting task to learn new languages. But in all honesty, as frustrating and complex this can be at times, it's also immensely rewarding.