Rock-a-bye Baby

Mixed Media

Growing up, I was always told by my parents to be careful of what I listened to. They feared that the lyrics I repeatedly sang or the music that I indulged in would somehow dictate my actions and the person I would soon become. However, as I grew up, I realized that parents in general could also be at fault with this.

Right from the start, many infants are exposed to words and lyrics that, if given special thought, are no better than the music their parents would be opposed to them listening to. These same parents who are trying to protect their children from corrupt music are the very same ones who mindlessly sing supposedly "innocent" lullabies and nursery rhymes without giving the meaning a second thought.

This project was created with the intent of showing a lullaby in its literal context. Using found images, I explored the contrast between the innocence of a children's storybook with images hinting at the song's eerie alternate meaning. Ultimately, I wanted to compose a piece that would confront the viewers head on and hopefully leave them questioning whatever things they allow into their ears to settle in the corners of their minds.

  • MediumFound items, Acrylic paint
  • Year2012
Image Image