Senior Thesis Exhibition

This body of work comes from a personal journey of breaking, healing and growing. It reflects three conscious decisions made in the midst of brokenness:

To let my walls down.
To allow others to reach in.
To accept their influence in my life.

The process of creating reflects this journey. Each of these hands becomes a tangible representation of a relationship that has helped shape my life along the way. The hands are shattered into multiple, sometimes unworkable, pieces through self-infliected blows and are reassembled by the hands of select individuals who have been a part of my own personal repair.

Each individual engages in a meditative process, both in reconstruction and written reflection. These meditations focus on the worth of the broken objects in light of the bond we share. The process includes accepting brokenness, acknowledging the weight and limitations that come with it, and embracing it as a necessary season in life.

  • MediumsPlaster, Gold Leaf, Video Projections
  • Year2015
  • LocationEarl & Virginia Green Gallery,
    Biola University, La Mirada, CA
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